This post is meerly to serve as a note for anyone suffering the same issue I had yesterday!

Currently I live in Brussels so UTC +1 OR +1000. It turns out jekyll (our favourite blogging engine) can get it’s wires crossed when you create a new post and are using the date slug created by the post_renderhook.

So given i’ve explained the above terribly here is the example.

I have created a new blog post in _posts/ As expected jekyll will create a blog post at the following url All good so far.

Recently i’ve been building a new elastic search index for the site on each build. Using the searchyll gem which hooks into the post post_render hook it creates a json response of all the metadata and content associated with each post.

What I found was that in this json we would expect the slug for the blog post to be when in fact it was thanks to the dates being fed to the hook being UTC (2017-01-19 23:00:00) rather than UTC +1 (2017-01-20 00:00:00).

After much googling I found the answer. In your _config.yml you must set the timezone as follows:

timezone: UTC

So happy jekylling to anyone who happens to come across this post!

In case you’re looking for when this came in see jekyll v3.3.0 release notes on github